Digital Living Services

Digital Living

Asoka’s Digital Living Services enable services carriers, MSOs and utilities to offer customers a better way enjoy and control their home environment.

Digital Living Services provide innovative and exciting new home energy management and home monitoring features that can be layered on top of existing broadband and/or IPTV services to increase service provider differentiation and revenue per customer and minimize churn. Based on Asoka’s lifetime warranty powerline communications (PLC) equipment, remotely managed firmware and cloud-based software, Digital Living Services are brandable, customizable, “future proof” and simple to install with minimal deployment and maintenance costs.

Offer your customers Asoka’s new Digital Living Services today and help them save money on their monthly energy bills, contribute to a greener environment and give them peace of mind.

Home Energy Management

Asoka’s Home Energy Management Service enables users to monitor and manage in real time the power consumption of the electrical appliances in their home using their existing electric wiring system. Learn More REM Image

Home Monitoring

The Asoka Home Monitoring Service gives customers the ability to keep an eye on their houses, children, and even pets, when they are away from home through the web, or iPhone, or Android mobile apps.