Digital Living
Key Features & Benefits
  • High speed in-home data connectivity
  • Plug and play simple installation
  • Flexibility in installation/location options
  • No extra cables
  • No hardware or software configuration
  • 85, 200 and 500 Mbps
  • WiFi extension
  • Lifetime warranty

Asoka’s PlugLink family powerline communications (PLC) products deliver high performance networking and easy installation, enabling service providers to offer the latest online game services to their subscribers.
The online gaming market is growing exponentially and has become a popular addition to the suite of digital services many residential users are demanding. Customers need a robust, reliable network that can be expanded throughout the house to support multi-player gaming for the entire family in the living room or a single person in an upstairs bedroom.

Asoka PLugLink products offer the simplest and most complete solution for delivering digital living to every room in the house. The system is truly plug-and-play—end-users can simply plug PlugLink devices into existing AC outlets throughout the house to extend blazing fast connectivity at 85 Mbps, 200 Mbps and 500Mbps to every room in the house. PLugLink’s technology leverages the electrical power lines already present in the home, eliminating the need for costly service provider installation.