Home Area Network

Home Network

Asoka’s PlugLink line of HomePlug certified powerline networking products offers the simplest and most complete solution for service providers to offer a complete home area network with shared Internet access and a suite of broadband services. PlugLink delivers home networking over a single network to any room within a home using the most common and convenient cabling in the world - existing electric wires.
Asoka’s PlugLink network Is truly plug-and-play for the end-user and requires no additional wiring or expensive carrier installations to provide full-featured home networking that can support a host of services and applications with throughput speeds of 85 Mbps, 200 Mbps and 500Mbps. PlugLink also serves as a base network that provides the intelligence for additional value-add services such as home energy’ management, solar installation management and security monitoring.

Customers simply plug the PlugLink network devices into existing AC outlets throughout the home or office to instantly create a complete home net- work that requires no hardware or software configuration. PlugLink is ideal for broadband data service extension, especially to eliminate dead spots in wireless networks or to ensure an interference-free, reliable connection anywhere in the home or office.

From home and small business networking to data communications, wireless network extension, standard and high-definition (SD and HD) video, IPTV, VOIP, online gaming, and even home monitoring, PlugLink products are simple, secure and reliable.