Asoka leverages certified HomePlug networking technology to provide high performance home area networks and innovative digital Living services. Asoka’s residential and commercial networking product lines provide cost effective, interoperable and standards-based powerline networking without the need for expensive service provider installations. For service providers this means easy-to-implement networking customer premises equipment (CPE) that can be the foundation for digital living revenue-generating services. With cutting edge technology, the electric wires in homes and small business offices can be used to distribute broadband Internet data and entertainment services, as well as to provision smart energy applications.

The HomePlug Alliance has developed the HomePlug 1 .0 and HomePlug AV specifications in order to bridge existing networking technologies such as WIFI and Ethernet with residential power lines to provide the network wiring.

Asoka PLugLink and PlugLine Products

Asoka’s PLugLink powerline communication products Let consumers easily connect computers, TVs, cable boxes and all other digital media devices throughout the entire home to a single home area network (HAN). Asoka products enable the extension and sharing of high-speed Internet access to every room in the house so an entire family can enjoy digital living services like high definition (HD) TV, IPTV, VoIP, online gaming and streaming audio and video.

PlugLine adapters add electric-appliance monitoring and control to the home network so that service providers can provision home appliance energy management and solar energy management services that allow consumers to save money and make their homes greener and safer.

Asoka’s HomePlug MAC

Today’s home networks must be able to support a diverse set of applications ranging from simple file transfer to very high quality-of-service (QoS) applications such as VoIP and streaming media. Asoka leverages the HomePlug medium access control (MAC) data communications protocol to provide channel access control mechanisms that make it possible for multiple devices to communicate within the multi-point network. Asoka’s HomePlug MAC protocol is built to seamlessly integrate with the physical layer and address these needs. The technology is modeled to work with IEEE 802.3 frame formats, simplifying Integration with widely deployed Ethernet. HomePlug MAC appends the Ethernet frames with encryption and other management before transmitting it over the power line. A segmentation and reassembly mechanism is used in cases where the complete packet cannot be fit in a single frame.

QoS Features

Asoka HomePlug MAC is designed to provide guaranteed QoS. This enables PlugLink home networks to support the demanding needs of today’s digital living services which require real-time response. Asoka HomePlug Mac features include:

Compliance and Coexistence

The HomePlug standards in PlugLink use the unlicensed frequency band between 4.5 - 21MHz for transmitting the signal over the power line. According to FCC rules, PlugLink is a secondary user in this band. FCC has two primary requirements with respect to emissions performance of such devices: Products must meet FCC part 15 radiation limits and they must not cause harmful interference to licensed users of the band. Asoka has made a special effort to ensure that its PlugLink products are designed to the HomePlug specification in order to meet these requirements. For more information and technical details, download the HomePlug 1.0 Technical White Paper from the HomePlug Alliance website.